Don't take our word for it...see what people are saying about our sauces!


SAUCE CLUB is a hit! I've tried the entire collection, and they all slap hard. RED SAUCE N0.5 is a favorite with its deep multi-flavored bbq layers, although my boneless chicken thighs were fantastic after marinating in WHITE TIGER. So good that our camping neighbors came over the next day and asked us what we were cooking! 

- Rob A, East Van BC


My homemade sauces are always a labour of love…Now I use SAUCE CLUB, none of the labour, all of the LOVE!

- Mary C, Port Alberni BC


As someone who loves Korean food but is a little intimidated to make it at home, using SAUCE CLUB's ULTRA PREMIUM gochujang and WHITE TIGER bulgogi sauces makes me feel like a culinary genius. 

- Janine Z, Lake Country BC


From wings to cocktails the range of flavours kick everything up to another level.  Love the flexible packaging for tight storage in my fridge and in my backpack for camping.

- Chris E, Whistler BC


I tried RED SAUCE No.5 and it’s sooooooo good!!!! My husband is obsessed with it. He’s been putting it on everything! It’s seriously so good!!

- Lena H, Vancouver BC


Loved HAWAIIAN BREAKFAST on my Spinach Pie. Such an incredible yellow colour. Supremely flavourful with just the right heat.

- Denis M, Vancouver BC 


SAUCE CLUB has captured an essence in each one that I even like them as a quartet of dipping sauces that I could alternately dip my veggies, or anything else, into and love each one equally. Just WOW!  I couldn’t wait to just revolving amongst all of them. 

- Ken P, fairview Vancouver BC


Cauliflower with ULTRA PREMIUM, or WHITE TIGER is my favourite thing to eat right now! So so good! Thank you!!

- Fernanda M. Vancouver BC


ULTRA PREMIUM is liquid happiness joy!

- Louka N, Nelson BC


It blows me away how versatile and delicious these sauces are. The depth of flavour is pretty incredible. I can't stop using these sauces on pretty much everything and I'm super excited to see what new sauces they come up with.

- Chris F, Langley BC


All the sauces are on heavy rotation in my kitchen. Each sauce brings its own ability to raise your taste experience to the highest levels...I’m excited to be in the CLUB.

- Justin S, downtown Vancouver BC


I've eaten a whole lotta ribs in my life, and I can tell you with all honesty that I have never had any ribs that were better than what we just ate. RED SAUCE No.5 is truly outstanding!

-Rob B, Vancouver BC


Each sauce brings its own ability to escalate your taste sensory experience to the highest levels. For myself I have been enjoying these sauces in a format that more should try and that is in a cocktail, they can bring a little extra punch to your imbibing.  All sauces are on heavy rotation in my kitchen, from morning fried rice with WHITE TIGER to Bolognese made with RED SAUCE No.5 to Green beans with ULTRA PREMIUM to grilled halibut tacos with HAWAIIAN BREAKFAST.

- Justin S, Victoria BC