We are SAUCE CLUB. A culinary sauce company based in beautiful Vancouver, BC providing PREMIUM SAUCES influenced by our local community and around the world. All of our sauces are PLANT-BASED and packed with deliciousness made for both meat and veggie lovers alike.


SAUCE CLUB at Vancouver Farmers Market 2022

Sunday  May 15th • Ambleside

Sunday  May 22nd • Coquitlam

Sunday  June 1th • Downtown

Sunday  June 5th • Coquitlam

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LA PIÑA mezcal pineapple savoury cocktail

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GOGO gochujang caesar

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sauce talk

From wings to cocktails the range of flavours kick everything up to another level.  Love the flexible packaging for tight storage in my fridge and in my backpack for camping.

Chris E.

My homemade sauces are always a labour of love… now i use SAUCE CLUB, none of the labour, All of the love!

Mary C.

All the sauces are on heavy rotation in my kitchen. Each sauce brings its own ability to raise your taste experience to the highest levels...I’m excited to be in the CLUB.

Justin S.

ULTRA PREMIUM is liquid happiness joy.

Louka N.

I've eaten a whole lotta ribs in my life, and I can tell you with all honesty that I have never had any ribs that were better than what we just ate. Red Sauce No5 is truly outstanding!

Rob B.

meet the saucists

SAUCE CLUB was founded by Eunjoo Lee and Craig Noble in the Spring of 2021. A couple of globe trotting, motorcycle riding foodies on a mission to get saucy!

Korean-born Eunjoo is a trained CHEF and world traveller who brings her enthusiasm of food and gusto for life into the kitchen which produces some amazing saucy results. She draws from her diverse, CREATIVE ARTISTIC BACKGROUND to explore the unknown territories of cooking and utilize her deep appreciation and understanding of nature's seasonal bounties to create delicious sauces.

Craig is a Canadian award-winning FOODIE FILMMAKER, Cicerone (beer sommelier), BREWMASTER and was Western Living Magazine’s FOODIE OF THE YEAR in 2008. His films such as TABLELAND that focused on local food systems, CRAFT which documented the second-wave Craft beer explosion in North America, THE PERFECT OYSTER featuring Brent Petkau, The Oysterman, and BAKSHO that captures the Japanese Craft beer scene, has led him all over the world in search of great food and beverages and brings this depth of knowledge and experience back to the SAUCE CLUB kitchen.

Together they bring a diverse and complementary skill set to the sauce biz, committed to creating exciting tastes and sauces that are FLAVOUR FULL.

SAUCE CLUB inspires us to live and explore the world of sauces. To discover new, exciting flavours and ingredients...on motorcycles.


flavour pouches

We love our UNIQUE, METALIZED, and FLEXIBLE packaging. They're pretty amazing things to put delicious sauces into.  Not only do these pouches ensure FRESHNESS and prolong the shelf life of the PREMIUM SAUCE inside. Using this packaging dramatically REDUCES Co2 EMISSIONS in production, shipping, and water use, compared to other more conventional glass and plastic packaging. Pretty cool, right? They are ACTION-READY and fridge space sensitive, helping to end dry, flavourless food everywhere.

Although they are awesome, flavour pouches are not perfect:

DO NOT microwave

DO NOT boil-in-a-bag for heating

● Refrigerate after opening

● Please dispose of them responsibly

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all kinds of awesome!

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